My Heart Will Heal…Education and Support

Imagine…twenty or so extremely ill heart patients alive and well twenty-five years after making a lifestyle change   and experiencing zero additional cardiac events.

Now imagine yourself or a loved-one free of the fears and debilitations experienced because of the unnecessary progression of a most devastating disease which, in reality is no more than a 

"paper tiger."

"My Heart Will Heal"  

You never really hear that, do you?  Why not? 

Instead we leave the hospital filled with uncertainties, drug prescriptions, follow-up visits, assurances that the staff will there there for us the next time.  The next time!!!???


There need never be a next time thanks to the world-renowned works of such notables as Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and  

T. Colin Campbell, PHD.  Today we know what defeats the "paper tiger!"

We, at My Heart Will Heal, recognize the incredible need for education and support for those whose search has brought them into the light of the effective use of diet in the cessation of cardiovascular disease progression.

It is recognized, as well, that reversal is occurring in those who adhere in an absolutely committed fashion!

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